/mɔːɪŋ/ - northern German greeting

I'm Hannes.

Sometimes, I build things that end up on the internet. This is one such thing, for example

LinkedIn has the shiny details of my Life. GitHub has the dirty details

Stuff I did yesterday


a number tapping game. All you have to do is tap the numbers in ascending orders faster than anybody else


Decode Game

a word guessing with unlimited confetti effect

Darts Scoreboard

an app with which to count dart stats. Unconventionally, with this app, you count your dart score up (not down) since this seems to be easier for beginners. The scores will be stored in GA4 for performance reporting (with your implied consent)


Ice-Cream for Two

A simple app to split the cost between you and your friends. No registration required. Oh, and it looks like an ice-cream

Lousy Poetry

this is a home for all the poetry that I have ever written. Also the first time I played around with SVG animations


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